PNG logo format in Prestashop

PNG logo format in Prestashop

With default settings, Prestashop supports only JPEG format, so if you upload your logo in PNG format, it’s converted back to JPEG. You have to first setup image preferences to support PNG. Go to Preferences > Images and setup as follows:

Then you can upload your logo in PNG format.

It may not work in some older versions, so if this is your case, you will have to change the logo extension in your theme and copy the logo.png into FTP manually. Copy it into root img folder (not theme’s img folder).

Edit header.tpl located in your theme directory and change this line>

<img src="{$logo_url}" alt="{$shop_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" {if $logo_image_width}width="{$logo_image_width}"{/if} {if $logo_image_height}height="{$logo_image_height}" {/if} />


<img src="{$img_ps_dir}logo.png" alt="{$shop_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" />